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Discuss different anabolic steroid cycles
By Xpornstar
Really glad I found this post - I was just about to order through them, a small tester order just to find out the hard way....

And now I don't have to.....

Im hoping the parcel didn't arrive!
By Danelreigh
I have been ordering from them for more than a year, and has never been scammed. They also go out of their way to make sure i get my stuff. they are NOT scammers and their prices are the best out there and they have great service and always willing to help.
By Mefa
#3535 is a scam
If you deposit money you wont get any replys from them and your money will be gone too

Pls dont buy from them or risk loosing your money
By NRudloff
No this is nonsense. It's not a scam website. Place ur order and then wait for the goods to arrive. Processing takes a few days and weekends affect deliveries also. I ordered from them a week ago and I received my goods. The prices are great. And I received feedback whenever I emailed.
By CraigSmith1
This is definately nonsense. I have ordered from them several times and it always comes. So don't know what the problem was with your order.
By NRudloff
They are okay. It takes a little longer than what most are used to so they panic. Everyone wants to pay today and receive tomorrow. Shipping from small towns takes a while. But I receive everything i order all the time. Longest I have waited was about 5 working days from order to delivery.
By Koos
I have placed an order on Friday (24/05/19) ,have paid but I have not received any feed back from them. Is this normal?

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